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Dino Crisis revival officially back on the table, and fans are thrilled

Dino Crisis revival officially back on the table, and fans are thrilled

Life finds a way, my friends

When it comes to Capcom, it’s fair to say that a lot of people think of Dino Crisis when they hear the name. Sure, Resident Evil is also in there, but I’m talking about the fans that haven’t forgotten the rush of trying to survive deadly dinos.

It’s way more niche than the zombie apocalypse, which is part of the reasons fans love the franchise so gosh darn much. The problem is, a new Dino Crisis has been denied the fandom for quite some years now, so much so that gamers often look to impressive new titles that offer similar charms.

Just imagine how good Dino Crisis will love if Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose is anything to go by

But all that could be about to change, as Capcom has put the possibility of a new Dino Crisis back on the table. On Capcom’s Captown website, ‘Capcom Super Elections’ are being held; on the surface it just seems like a fun, twee gimmick to interact with, but then question five asks which franchise gamers want to see a new game in. That’s where the possibility of a revival comes in.

Among the titles you’d expect to see – like Resident Evil – there’s also Dino Crisis listed, just waiting for the votes to come pouring in. It seems, despite what feels like constant radio silence, Capcom has been listening to cries for more dinosaur antics from its players.

The question now is whether Capcom is just making it look like other titles have a chance and will focus on Dino Crisis anyway, or whether this is a tease that’ll lead to nothing but more disappointment and heartache. We’ve been burnt too many times before, we know the score now.

“I think it’s a perfect chance to GROW the fan base,” said one hopeful fan. “Everyone would be willing to give it a shot. Imagine raptors and sh*t in the RE engine – even people that have never heard of DC would play it.”

If there was ever a time to relaunch a franchise, it would be now, on the back of all that Resident Evil success. The question is whether Capcom will actually listen to us.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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