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Dark Souls 4 rival officially announced, coming 2026

Dark Souls 4 rival officially announced, coming 2026

Dark Souls has some competition

Soulslike fans are getting another solid entry next year that could rival FromSoftware’s next big release, whatever that may be.

As someone who’s been in love with the genre for several years now, I’m thrilled to see so many soulslikes being made with varying levels of accessibility.

It’s almost here, Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree releases later this week! Check out the story trailer below

While titles like Elden Ring and Dark Souls dominate the genre, developers other than FromSoftware have created some pretty impressive entries of their own, one of which being Lords Of The Fallen.

For those who haven’t played it, Lords Of The Fallen it plays pretty similarly to a Dark Souls game, with a mediaeval setting, brutally challenging enemies/bosses and some wild interactions, like a giant frog you can play music to.

The game performed decently well, receiving praise for its world and visuals, but held back by the combat and gameplay itself. It was recently added to Xbox Game Pass if you fancy giving it a go for yourself.

However it clearly performed well enough for a sequel to officially be in the works, and will release sometime in 2026. Details are slim at the moment though one thing we do know about it is it’ll be exclusive to the Epic Game Store on PC, no Steam release unfortunately.

It’s also unclear if the game will actually be called Lords Of The Fallen 2 or receive a different name. It’ll all depend on if it’s a direct sequel, or a sort of spiritual successor like Dark Souls was for Demon Souls.

With the news that Shadow Of The Erdtree will be Elden Ring’s grand-finale, officially opening up FromSoftware to other projects, only time will tell if the developer can retain its dominance over the soulsborne genre with its next release, or get kicked off its pedestal.

Featured Image Credit: CI Games/Bandai Namco

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