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Cyberpunk 2077 fan thanks CDPR for 'saving their life'

Cyberpunk 2077 fan thanks CDPR for 'saving their life'

Anyone who says video games can't change lives needs to read this story

A Cyberpunk 2077 fan has opened up about their struggles with mental health while thanking CD Projekt Red for “saving their life”.

It’s a candid, raw, and emotionally heavy post, yet one I can relate to as someone who’s also struggled with extremely dark thoughts. I want to say quite clearly, if you’d rather not read about this experience, head somewhere else – it could be triggering for some folks as the OP doesn’t hold back on the details about their difficulties.

The user begins by explaining that they’d discovered Cyberpunk 2077 after using various other methods of “pushing away” the emotions that they describe as “smothering” them. Their decision to see the game through to its end, with the rooftop option one they took to “see what would happen” is arguably what saved this gamer's life.

What happened next wasn’t what the OP had expected. “I saw a small, detached glimpse of what I would do to my family. My friends. I watched the people that had fought with me and drank with me and laughed with me broken down because of my choice.”

“I saw how each person handled the pain with Judy breaking down, Panam lashing out, Vik trying to bottle it up, and Kerry just being disappointed. I think Vik hit me hardest because I could almost see myself trying not to let shit overwhelm me and carry on like nothing was wrong,” they explain.

From there the gamer explains that, while everything isn’t suddenly rainbows and sunshine, the CD Projekt Red title has helped them make changes for the better. It’s a heartwarming story, though an emotionally taxing one at that, with a lot of fellow gamers rushing to send their well wishes along to the OP.

“There was this speech someone gave about finding just one little reason to keep going, no matter how small or stupid it feels. And if that thing is playing Cyberpunk or just games in general, then latch onto and use it until you can stand on your own again no matter how long it takes, because you deserve that much and we are all rooting for you.”

We second that sentiment and wish the OP, and anyone else struggling, all the best. Please remember, if you’re struggling with your mental health please reach out to someone so you’re not experiencing it alone.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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