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Call Of Duty quietly kills off Warzone 2's DMZ mode

Call Of Duty quietly kills off Warzone 2's DMZ mode

RIP to the mode we all knew was headed to an early grave

It’s the end of an era. An era that didn’t last very long despite initial success. That’s right, folks, Call of Duty has killed off its Warzone II DMZ mode without so much as a single tear shed over the loss.

We’re not sure how many fans will be devastated by this news, especially after such a lack of updated content in recent months. Not ignoring the fact that the CoD publisher has always referred to DMZ as “Beta”, which is often a solid signifier of the short shelf life a game and/or expansion might have. Nevertheless, it’s news that Activision’s attempt at creating a “sandbox experience” extraction shooter failed, with this culling coming only a year after its launch.

It's coming! Get ready for mayhem in Modern Warfare III's Season One

“We would like to thank the entire community for their support and continued feedback on the DMZ Beta. Infinity Ward and all the development teams who contributed to the creation of DMZ are incredibly proud and delighted to see the enthusiasm and participation that you’ve shown since its release, and to see so many players pouring into the MWZ mode in Modern Warfare III, which has many DMZ-inspired gameplay aspects within it.”

“Beginning with next week’s launch of Season 1 [...] The mode will not be available or interact directly within Modern Warfare III or Call of Duty: Warzone, which means that progression and any new Modern Warfare III or Warzone content, including Battle Pass or store bundles, will not sync or carry back into this DMZ mode. Also, DMZ progress will not apply to new Battle Passes beginning with Season 1,” reads Activision’s statement.

If you want to read it in full, head to the Call of Duty blog for the specifics. However, the key takeaway is that DMZ is dead as we know it. It still lingers, but even that seems to have a near-future expiration date.

The launch of Modern Warfare III has marked a distinct change in the brand, with the mixed reception to the title having not affected its record-breaking impact over Thanksgiving. Regardless of how you feel about the game, it’s made a name for itself.

Although DMZ is no more, there’s not long to wait before Season One of Modern Warfare III and Warzone II launches on 6 December.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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