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Baldur's Gate 3 developer announces new game, and it's very different

Baldur's Gate 3 developer announces new game, and it's very different

But can we romance the fish?

Have you seen fishing rods scattered about Faerûn and felt annoyed that, while you can pick them up, you can’t use them? You’re not alone in that frustration, as one of the Baldur’s Gate 3 devs is creating a new fishing game for all of us tired of being denied access to our hobby.

Okay, so I’m not into fishing – it seems like too much hard work for someone who thrives when being lazy. That being said, I’ve been annoyed at not being able to fish in BG3 – you can lay your way through every act, with multiple people, but you can’t fish? That’s just not right. And while it’s been deemed the “horniest game of the year”, that doesn’t mean our characters don’t want to leave bumping uglies for the shores of an idyllic lake.

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Larian CEO Swen Vincke kept it simple in his big reveal, with a modest tweet saying “I’m working on a fishing game”; it’s very to the point. Beyond that, Vincke has revealed little else about this game, so we can’t say whether the whole weight of Larian Studios is working on this title or whether this is a passion project only Vincke is working on.

Then the question comes as to whether we can romance the fish, or, at the very least, we'll find someone to pass away the hours while our rods hang in the quiet waters (if you read that suggestively, that’s on you).

It’s also possible that this “fishing game” will merely be a mini-game within BG3; countless patches have already added so much new content, meaning a fishing option would hardly be out of the realm of possibility. Fans have been gifted a new ending, they may be getting a fishy ending next as well.

Although we can only speculate at this point, Vincke has given all cosy gamers hope that a relaxing fishing game is just around the corner. But thanks to BG3’s legacy, most of us expect it to be less relaxing and far more smutty.

Featured Image Credit: Larian Studios, Malfun_Eddie – Reddit

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