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Assassin's Creed fans have less than 24 hours to play a free Ubisoft game

Assassin's Creed fans have less than 24 hours to play a free Ubisoft game

You really don't have long

There’s a free Ubisoft game available right now, but you’ll have to be quick to catch it before it returns to its full price.

Fans of Assassin’s Creed might want to pay exceptionally close attention to this news, as the Ubisoft game in question gives you the chance to take to the seas like in Black Flag.

If that hasn’t given away what the free game is, allow us to spell it out for you; Ubisoft has temporarily made Skull and Bones free.

Set sail on the high seas in Skull and Bones

Note the “temporarily”.

Ubisoft is having a ‘Free Week’ for Skull and Bones at the moment. Unfortunately for those wanting to play, that free play time is almost up; you have under 24 hours to make the most of it.

“Battle your way through treacherous waters, as you rise to become the most infamous pirate captain!” reads the event description. “Play for Free and carry over your progression upon purchase of the game.”

The course charted by Skull and Bones has been a turbulent one – it was only back in March that AC fans left it behind in favour of a Steam RPG instead.

Although the clock is ticking, the limited timeframe should still give you enough time to figure out if you like the title or not. This is fortunate, as Ubisoft is currently offering a massive 50 percent off its price.

We suspect that such a heavy discount will finish around the same time the event ends, meaning setting sail sooner rather than later is preferred for pirates looking to save money.

This Ubisoft freebie is available for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players.

Regardless of where you reside in the world, the ‘Free Week’ is soon to end on 6 June. Once it’s gone, it’s gone – or at least until Ubisoft decides otherwise.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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