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Palworld's latest update broke the game so badly we've been issued a warning

Palworld's latest update broke the game so badly we've been issued a warning

Hold off playing, for now

Sometimes, while developers are patching their game and attempting to squash bugs in the system, new bugs are created. Pocket Pair Inc. the creators of Palworld seem to have made the game worse with their latest patch.

In fact, it’s so bad that Xbox players are being told not to play Palworld in multiplayer until a new patch is released. This is because if you play right now it’s likely your save file simply won’t work.

Palworld stole the hearts of millions earlier this year and became a powerhouse on Steam and Xbox

The developers tweeted about the issue, laying it out for all, saying that the latest patch (v0.2.0.6) wouldn’t be able to play multiplayer saves created before this patch was installed.

Of course, this makes the game unplayable to millions of fans. Thankfully, Pocket Pair Inc. knows exactly what is causing the issue and is hard at work on a new patch that will patch the problems from the last patch. If you follow.

They said in their tweet, “We have identified the cause and are currently developing a patch to fix this issue. Please do not load the affected save data until the patch is released.”

It seems the game can’t really catch a break at the moment. Despite recently releasing a large update that brought quality-of-life fixes and introduced the game’s first raid, player count is low, and this issue won’t help.

Ending the tweet the developer apologised saying, “We are really sorry for this inconvenience and ask that you try to not load any multiplayer data until this fix is applied soon. Thank you.”

Active players can only hope the fix comes quickly, so they can get back to playing with friends. Remember, this is for the Xbox version of the game, if you’re playing on Steam, you shouldn’t run into an issue.

Featured Image Credit: Pocket Pair Inc.

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