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Palword announces huge free update download at Summer Game Fest

Palword announces huge free update download at Summer Game Fest

Your animal friends are about to get a new home

The Pokémon-esque monster-taming game Palworld is set to get a major update courtesy of a brand-new trailer shown at Summer Game Fest.

Set to arrive on 27 June, the Palworld update will include a new island that players can explore, build upon and of course, bring up their monster friends all whilst hoping they don’t get invaded in the meantime.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Palworld update below!

The update will arrive on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC and will be the first major update for the game since it was first released back in January.

The action-adventure survival/monster-taming game sped through the Steam charts at the start of the year despite receiving controversy over its potential Pokémon plagiarism.

However, this didn’t stop players from diving into the game developed by Japanese developer Pocketpair and it wasn’t long before it hit 2.1 million concurrent players across all platforms

Named the Sakurajima Update, the upcoming patch will not only include a new island but also what looks like a whole lot of new Pals to capture, new buildings, new species, higher level caps and even a new raid and boss.

As expected with an update title such as that, Palworld is even more reminiscent of Japan with the beautiful new location being littered with sakura trees and an overall picturesque setting.

Let us hope that capturing and battling our Pals to the death will be a bit more bearable in such an atmospheric place. Hopefully!

The Palworld update goes live on 27 June so it’s almost time to boot it back up.

Featured Image Credit: Pocketpair

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