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Palworld clone appears online, is just as questionable as you'd expect

Palworld clone appears online, is just as questionable as you'd expect

A Palworld App Store clone has surfaced and PocketPair are warning fans not to download it.

After claims that the latest monster-taming game Palworld had copied Pokémon too closely, it seems as though it is getting a taste of its own medicine as a Palworld clone has now appeared online.

Palworld released this January and was met with critical success. Praised for its engaging gameplay, cute animals and a co-op mode, it wasn’t long before the PocketPair title hit an eye-watering 19 million players in less than a month.

Still in early access and with an exciting future ahead, Palworld has a lot to offer players but it seems as though some are jealous of its success and have decided to try out making their very own version of it.

Check out the Palworld trailer below!

PocketPair recently announced a brazen clone of its title which has surfaced on the Apple Store. Not only is it available to download on the UK store but it is also the second result when you search for the original game. Tilted ‘PalWorld’, it is not even being subtle in its plagiarism and it is clear its developers have copied Palworld’s assets.

Additionally, screenshots from Palworld have been used in the game’s description and its developer, Oleksandra Kryvcun, does not have any other games listed in the store. The ‘PalWorld’ producer is listed as ‘Blue Ridge Gutter Cleaning LLC’.

It appears the clone is also only available on the Apple store and cannot be found on Google Play. However, with fans possibly being tricked by this app, the official Palworld Twitter account issued a statement.

“There is no Palworld application for phones. Apps using names and product images such as “パルワールド” and Palworld are appearing on the AppStore and Google Play, but they are not affiliated with our company in any way,” they wrote. “We have reported this issue to Apple, which operates the App Store, and Google, which operates Google Play.”

Luckily, at the time of writing, ‘PalWorld’ has been removed from the Apple store but it is no doubt more clones will appear in the future in the hopes of copying Palworld’s critical success.

Featured Image Credit: PocketPair

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