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Overwatch 2 bans 250,000 cheaters using AI

Overwatch 2 bans 250,000 cheaters using AI

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed its new AI software has caught 250,000 cheaters.

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed its new AI software has caught 250,000 cheaters.

Overwatch 2 is still incredibly unpopular at the moment, which has seemingly been the case since it launched.

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Aside from the protest that it’s free-to-play, all the microtransactions, and generally not feeling any different to the first game, it landed in hot water when the PvE mode, which was supposed to be free, released with a price tag.

The game has quickly become one of the most negatively reviewed titles on Steam, with Blizzard Entertainment receiving a lot of hate for the way it’s handled the series.

Nevertheless, work is still being done to improve the game, including a crackdown on cheaters, griefers, and disrespectful players, and Blizzard is using AI to make it happen.

The “Defense Matrix” is an anti-cheat software Blizzard uses to monitor and react to activity in Overwatch 2. While it’s constantly looking for people cheating in online matches, it always pays close attention to who’s in the lobby with the cheaters. Even if you’re not cheating yourself, frequently playing with someone who is could get you banned as well.

Speaking about cheating in Overwatch 2, Blizzard said: "Since Overwatch 2’s launch, we’ve detected and banned over 250,000 accounts for cheating.”

AI is also being used to make text chat and voice chat a safer place for players. The software detects when people are using crude or disruptive language in online games, and will warn them of the consequences if they were to continue acting inappropriately. Blizzard has praised its success, saying it’s seen the software "correct negative behaviour immediately, with many players improving their disruptive behaviour after their first warning."

While Overwatch 2 wasn’t the upgrade fans were hoping for, at least there’s a decent amount of action taking place to ensure it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone, except cheaters of course.

Overwatch 2 is free-to-play and can be played on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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