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OnlyFans crashes after major YouTuber uploads 'tasteful nudes'

OnlyFans crashes after major YouTuber uploads 'tasteful nudes'

Straight to horny jail

One of YouTube's most popular stars has launched their very own OnlyFans account, as previously promised. Predictably, the account managed to bring down OnlyFans seconds after launching it. Y'all are way too thirsty.

For those who might have been living under a rock for the past several years, OnlyFans is a subscription based social media platform where users can buy and sell content. It's not just for adult pics and videos, but... that's definitely what most people associate it with.

Two months ago YouTube star Markiplier, real name Mark Edward Fischbach promised fans that he would start a new side hustle as an OnlyFans NSFW content creator.

The idea originally started following the massive success of his Tasteful Nudes Calendar several years ago. Recognising there is a near-universal thirst for him (he's a handsome guy tbf) he said that he would get in on the OnlyFans action is several conditions were met.

The first was that his Distractible podcast had to become the most popular podcast on Apple Podcast and Spotify. He also insisted that a separate sports podcast he had created with a friend become the most popular sports podcast in the world. Two very ambitious demands.

Finally, the YouTuber stipulated that his supporters needed to fork over $12 to watch his new documentary, Markiplier From North Korea. The documentary is all about his mother's life story, and his own journey to get back in touch with his family. That actually sounds brilliant, to be fair.

As was the case with Markiplier’s Tasteful Nudes Calendar, all the money he ends up making from his OnlyFans endeavour will be given to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the World Food Program. Nothing but respect for a man who is saving the world one thirst trap at a time.

Featured Image Credit: OnlyFans/YouTube

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