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One of Steam's biggest games is getting another major update

One of Steam's biggest games is getting another major update

One of Steam's biggest games is getting another major update

Fans of the much-loved life and faming simulator Stardew Valley may have just received another hint for the game’s upcoming Version 1.6 update.

First announced by developer Eric 'ConcernedApe' Barone back in July, the Stardew Valley 1.6 update was said to feature "new festival, new items, more dialogues and secrets and an iridium scythe" as well as “changes for modders”. Although there has yet to be news of an official release date, fans are holding on for any hints. Luckily, they may have just got one.

This comes courtesy of a new Tweet posted by ConcernedApe which shows a parrot perched upon a stand showing the markings of the Joja Corporation. With no confirmation to what this screenshot is actually showing, it is down to fans to make sense of it. Not only is the parrot shown against a tropical setting which some believe to be Ginger Island, but it is also requesting gold coins – the game’s primary currency. Ginger Island was introduced as part of the 1.5 update back in December 2020 which was also Stardew Valley’s last major update.

Check out the trailer for Stardew Valley below!

With gold coins not being Ginger Island’s form of currency but rather Golden Walnuts, fans are confused as to why this Jorja parrot is demanding them. This could hint at an expansion tied to Ginger Island in 1.6 or just the ability to purchase upgrades with both forms of currencies. However, until we receive news of the full list of changes for the next major update, we will have to wonder what the little bird is up to.

As mentioned, Stardew Valley hasn’t received a major update since December 2020. Version 1.5 was full of brand-new content as well as introducing local split-screen multiplayer. With Version 1.6 promised to bring the same, albeit on a smaller scale, it’s no wonder fans are eager for it to arrive.

For those who love all things Stardew Valley, they may want to keep their eyes on the upcoming Tales of the Shire, a Lord of the Rings inspired game for fans of the life and farm simulator.

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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