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Nolan North Is Returning To Play Nathan Drake Once Again

Nolan North Is Returning To Play Nathan Drake Once Again

It's been revealed that Nolan North will be voicing the entire Uncharted movie audiobook adaptation, which sounds amazing.

So, the Uncharted movie finally hit UK cinema screens today. Have you had the chance to see it yet? In our review, we described it as “funny, action-packed, and full of surprises”, and “a good-time movie, guaranteed to make most who see it smile”, which you can’t really complain about. 

As I’m sure you all know at this point, Nathan Drake in the movie is played by none other than Tom Holland, and while he’s certainly popular and super well-liked, he definitely makes for quite a different Nate to the one we already know and love from the games. However, it turns out his original voice actor does actually have a very significant role, just not exactly in the movie, and probably not in a way you’d expect. Stick with me, here.

Before we go on, be sure to check out the final trailer for the Uncharted movie below.

So, there’s actually a full novelisation of the movie releasing later this month - 22 February, to be exact, which probably isn’t where you thought I was going with this. And don’t hit me with ‘ew, books’, because we’re all cultured people here, come on. Anyway, as is the case with most books these days, there’s also going to be an audiobook version of it available, and Nate’s original voice actor, Nolan North, is narrating the entire thing. With voices. 

“I got to do Antonio Banderas, a little bit of a Mark Wahlberg and put on my own Boston accent a little bit,” North said in an interview with Variety. “And then Nathan Drake. I didn’t do Tom Holland, though. I kind of just did me. I tried to young him up a little bit.”

No doubt that fans will be happy that at the very least, Nathan Drake in the audiobook adaptation will sound a lot more like his usual self, but can we just talk about the fact that he’s doing all the narration? This genuinely sounds like it’s going to be a must-have for any big Uncharted fan, maybe even more so than the movie itself. 

Also, if you’re living in the US, don’t fret - the movie will be with you in a week’s time, on 18 February, so prepare the popcorn. Or don’t, actually - it’ll have all gone soft by the time it’s actually out. You know what I mean. 

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing, Naughty Dog, Sony

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