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Next Tomb Raider Game Script Leak Might Be Real, Square Enix Want It Banned

Next Tomb Raider Game Script Leak Might Be Real, Square Enix Want It Banned

In trying to take down the leaked script, Square Enix has drawn a ton of attention to it.

The future of the Tomb Raider franchise is becoming ever clearer. Earlier this year, it was announced that a brand new Tomb Raider game was in development. Fans speculated over whether it would follow on from Shadow of the Tomb Raider or reboot the series yet again.

We simply knew that the game would be developed by Crystal Dynamics and be made in Unreal Engine 5. Well earlier this week, the next game’s script seemingly leaked online and it turns out, it’s likely very real - and publishers Square Enix want it banned.

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The script is codenamed Project Codebreaker and teases an action-adventure title set in “a modern day world rocked by a mysterious cataclysm.” The script read, “Lara Croft is now at the top of her game. Gone are the days of the young, inexperienced women dealing with matters of legacy and familial reckoning. Lara has let go of her childhood and fully embraced the life of an adventurer and [her] purpose.”

It went on, “On this new adventure, Lara will encounter a challenge she can only overcome with a team at her side. Collaboration is foreign to her - she’s always succeeded alone, so in this situation she’s a fish out of water.” Lara Croft leading a team? That certainly is a new one for this lone wolf.

Well as with any leak, we were dubious over the legitimacy of the script but Square Enix have now all but confirmed it’s real after threatening to get podcast Sacred Symbols (who leaked the script) taken off Patreon if they don’t remove all mentions of the script. In doing so, Square Enix has drawn more attention to the whole debacle, whoops. The podcast creators have removed a short section in which they read dialogue from the script, but discussion of the leaked plot remains live for now.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix

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