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New Xbox Series X/S System Update Fixes Background Noise Frustrations

New Xbox Series X/S System Update Fixes Background Noise Frustrations

The latest Xbox Series X/S console update adds a new noise suppression feature to help cut out unwanted sounds.

This week is shaping up to be chock full of console updates. In case you missed it, PlayStation unveiled the Grey Camouflage Collection plus we now know more about the mysterious new console model that popped up last week. In the realm of Xbox, one user discovered a handy trick that’s guaranteed to save Xbox Series X owners a good chunk of money and now, Microsoft have introduced a brand new feature for the console.

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Xbox Series X/S owners will now benefit from a new noise suppression feature which has been rolled out in the latest system update. Revealed in the update’s patch notes, the noise suppression feature will allow users to eliminate background noise when using a microphone to chat with friends. Heavy breathing, button clicks, and generic background noise should all be eliminated by the feature.

The patch notes read, “We’ve added noise suppression to parties on Xbox Series X/S consoles to help remove unwanted noises like gamepad clicks, breathing, and background noise from your parties.”

To turn noise suppression on or off, simply open up the guide, scroll to Parties & Chats and select options. From here, you can disable and enable the feature. The latest system update also allows you to “jump into a game from your friends’ shared captures.” A nice bonus.

Featured Image Credit: Billy Freeman, Mika Baumeister via Unsplash

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