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New Spider-Man series announced, will star Peter and Miles together

New Spider-Man series announced, will star Peter and Miles together

New Spider-Man series announced starring Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is without question one of its most valuable and popular franchises led by the legendary Peter Parker, that was until his competition arrived with Miles Morales in the fourth issue of the Ultimate Fallout series in August 2011.

Over the years, Peter Parker and Miles Morales would team up in comic book form to fight the bad guys of New York City. We were then treated to the duo teaming up in Marvel’s Spider-Man series from Insomniac Games. However, now for the first time, Marvel has announced that Parker and Morales will be teaming up for the first time in a book series called Spectacular Spider-Men.

Check out the Spectacular Spider-Men trailer!

Spectacular Spider-Men will be written by Greg Weisman and its artwork being created by Humberto Ramos. Previously, Weisman had written episodes for the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series and Ramos is vastly experienced in this franchise too, so we’re getting two top talents to work their magic in the upcoming series.

“Peter Parker and Miles Morales are going to team up on the regular, comparing notes and using said notes to take on some of their most dangerous bad guys,” reads the press release from Marvel. “This duo is better than dynamic, amazing, sensational, superior… they’re SPECTACULAR!”

"I'm so thrilled to be writing Spidey again, and the fact that I get to write both Spideys, together, makes the gig doubly sweet,” Weisman said on the announcement of Spectacular Spider-Men. “It's fun for me because, in this book, I see the younger Miles trying really hard to show his maturity to his mentor Peter, while the older Pete feels free to let out his inner 16-year-old with Miles. So there's a bit of role reversal to the normal mentor-protege relationship than one might expect to see.”

“From a very young age, my goal was to draw Spider-Man for Marvel Comics, and now that it has become a recurring reality in my life, I enjoy every occasion in which I am called to do so, or as I like to say 'come back home,' and I could not ask for a better way to do that than alongside Greg Weisman who gave us the greatest Spider-Man TV series!” exclaimed a joyful Ramos.

The debut issue of Spectacular Spider-Men will be released on 17 January 2024 and will likely be available at your favourite comic and book retailers.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Comics

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