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First Silent Hill game in ten years officially teased by Konami

First Silent Hill game in ten years officially teased by Konami

Konami has confirmed that "the latest updates for the Silent Hill series" are being announced later this week.

Everyone stay calm, it looks like it’s finally happening. It’s been an entire decade since the last full Silent Hill title was released - Silent Hills was unfortunately cancelled in 2015, leaving behind only the now-inaccessible demo, P.T., and the dreams of fans as proof it ever existed. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but you get the point - the series has been fittingly silent for a very long time.

At long last, this is soon to change. Over on Konami’s official website, it’s been revealed that something related to Silent Hill is being announced later this week. No leaks or rumours here - this is actually happening. 

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“In your restless dreams, do you see that town? The latest updates for the SILENT HILL series, will be revealed during the #SILENTHILL Transmission on Wednesday, October 19th, at 2:00 PM. PDT,” the official Silent Hill Twitter account posted.

Exactly what will be announced isn’t known at this point - obviously, most people are assuming it’ll be a new game (and let’s face it, that’s certainly what Konami is letting us believe), but there’s also been a lot of talk lately about a potential third Silent Hill movie, so that could get a mention, too. 

It’s probably safe to say that most fans are hoping for the reveal of Silent Hill: The Short Message. If you’re wondering what the heck that is, that’s the question we were all left with last month, when a game with that very title seemingly received an official rating by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea. At the time of writing, this game still hasn’t been confirmed by Konami to, y’know, actually exist, but maybe that’s what this upcoming announcement will be for. 

If you’re in the UK, the news will be happening at 9pm on 19 October - don’t miss it. 

Featured Image Credit: Konami, Behaviour Interactive

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