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New PS5 Redesign Makes It Lighter And More Energy-Efficient

New PS5 Redesign Makes It Lighter And More Energy-Efficient

We now know more about the mysterious new PlayStation 5 redesign which popped up in Australia last week.

Yesterday, Sony surprised us all by announcing a brand new PlayStation 5 variation. It’s not the pro version some fans were hoping for but you can’t deny, the new Grey Camouflage Collection looks very nice indeed. In case you missed it, the collection is set to be released on 14 October except for the Pulse 3D headset which will release at a later date. It’s not the only new variation on the market. Last month, a new lighter PS5 hit shelves in Australia and now we’re learning more about the mystery updated console.

Check out the trailer for the brand new Grey Camouflage Collection below.

As previously reported, the new CFI-1202A AND CFI-1202B models have been spotted for sale in Australia. Up to now, it appeared as if the only noticeable difference was the weight. The disc console is 300 grams lighter than the most recent model (or 600 grams lighter than the launch model), whilst the digital console weighs 200 grams less than the most recent model (500 grams less than the launch model).

It now appears as if the updated console has a few more benefits up its sleeve. YouTuber Austin Evans has discovered that the new model is also using a smaller motherboard, a different cooling system, and the SSD enclosure has been changed. These changes justify the weight reduction.

The motherboard is two inches smaller and an additional heat pipe has been added to the rear of the console. The CMOS battery is now also completely hidden away behind the new smaller heatsink. One of the key benefits of all this is that the latest model is much more energy-efficient. Evans notes that the updated PS5 uses 20-30 watts less when in use which given the rising energy costs is a welcomed change to see.

Featured Image Credit: Tamara Bitter via Unsplash, Sony

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