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PlayStation's enhanced PS5 controller is ridiculously expensive

PlayStation's enhanced PS5 controller is ridiculously expensive

Sony has now revealed the release date for the DualSense Edge controller, along with its astronomical retail price.

Hope you’re ready to splash the cash - Sony has now confirmed the release date for the PS5’s fancy new DualSense Edge wireless controller. The controller, on the face of things, is really quite exciting - it promises “high performance and personalisation”. Less exciting is the price tag, which is sure to leave the wallets of gamers everywhere quaking in fear.

The controller was announced back in August during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, where it was revealed that, like most pro controllers, users will be able to remap their buttons to customise controls. Stick sensitivity can be altered so that you can fine-tune your aim, and you can even add dead zones (meaning you'll be able to move the sticks slightly without the game picking it up). The trigger buttons also have dead zone options, as well as travel distance.

Check out the trailer for the DualSense Edge controller right here.

What’s more, users will be able to swap around their back buttons and stick caps, as well as replace the stick modules entirely (albeit with separately sold pieces). The unfortunate twist revealed on the PlayStation Blog today is that this controller costs an astronomical £209.99/$199.99 - that’s most of the cost of an entire Xbox Series S at full price. Keep in mind here that a regular DualSense retails at £59.99/$69.99 - that’s a significant mark-up. Oh, and as for the separate stick modules, those are £19.99/ $19.99.

When you buy the controller, you do at least get a carrying case thrown in, as well as some different stick caps and back buttons to customise the controller with, which is something. If you’re interested, preorders begin in the UK, US, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg next Tuesday (25 October), and it will release on 26 January 2023 direct from the PlayStation store. From other retailers, the controller will be available from 23 February. 

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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