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New PlayStation Controller, The Backbone One, Announced By Sony

New PlayStation Controller, The Backbone One, Announced By Sony

Sony have announced a brand new controller to help you game on the go.

PlayStation 5s may still be tricky to get your hands on but it hasn’t stopped Sony from rolling out a slew of updates for those of us who already have one of these chunky lads in our possession.

This week, Sony confirmed that PS5s can now support 1440p HDMI video output, plus if you’re someone who appreciates organisation, they’ve also introduced Gamelists. It follows the addition of auto low latency mode control adjustments and a new variable refresh rate feature, which is all very cool - and also very techy. So let me introduce you to Sony’s latest mass appeal creation: Backbone One.

Check out the Backbone One in action below.

PlayStation have officially announced a brand new controller called Backbone One, but don’t worry. This isn’t going to rival our trusty DualSenses. The Backbone One has been made in collaboration with Backbone (shocking, I know), and actually allows users to turn their iPhone into a controller.

The iPhone essentially serves as a charger for the Backbone One, which can be used to play App Store games that support controller play in addition to PS4 and PS5 titles via Remote Play.

Speaking about the collaboration, Backbone CEO Maneet Khaira said, “The look and feel of the Backbone One - PlayStation Edition was brought to life by our design team in collaboration with the brilliant minds at PlayStation. The elegant colours, materials, and finishes are all inspired by the design of the PS5 console's DualSense wireless controller, all the way down to the transparent face buttons and its visually distinctive, floating appearance. It feels right at home with the other products in the PS5 lineup, like the Pulse 3D headset, which you can connect directly to the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition."

There’s no word on price or the release date yet, but we do know that the Backbone One will launch in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands and the UK. Nice bit of kit.

Featured Image Credit: Onur Binay, Remy Gieling via Unsplash

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