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New Mass Effect 5 teaser confirms Liara return

New Mass Effect 5 teaser confirms Liara return

To celebrate Mass Effect's 15th anniversary, BioWare dropped a mysterious new ME5 teaser and fans have already deciphered it.

Yesterday marked N7 Day and it was a rather special edition as Mass Effect turned 15 years old. To celebrate, I confessed to the internet that I keep getting friendzoned in-game. One day, those relationship trophies will be mine, mark my words. More importantly though, BioWare dropped a fresh teaser for Mass Effect 5. We know a new instalment is on the way, but it’s been quite a long time since the initial teaser trailer and poster were released.

Those teasers confirmed the return of the Reapers and Geth, plus we saw Liara travelling through what many have assumed to be the Milky Way. Well, BioWare have now released an audio clip teasing further details.

Check out the Mass Effect 5 reveal trailer below.

Releasing the audio clip, BioWare simply wrote, “Happy N7 Day from across the stars! We found this interesting footage. You may want to [listen] a bit more closely.” The accompanying clip essentially sounded like a whole lot of nothing - background noise. Luckily, the internet is full of clever people who know who to decipher these things, and it didn’t take long for fans to uncover this clip’s secrets.

In the clip, Geth noises can be heard before Liara says, “Exactly. The Council will be furious. Although, they should know by now not to underestimate human defiance." Liara’s voice then distorts for a few seconds before, “I see it. How did we miss this?" is heard. If you ask me, the distorted section sounds along the lines of “It always was their worst ..” trait perhaps? Listen to the deciphered version below.

We may be waiting a long time for Mass Effect 5 but BioWare certainly knows how to drum up some hype. In a blog post, developers noted that “pre-production development has been proceeding very well” on the game, adding that “The team, comprised of Mass Effect franchise veterans as well as some amazing new additions to BioWare, has grown steadily! They’ve been hard at work crafting new characters and locations that you’ll love, as well as revisiting many that you’ll remember.” It sounds like we’ve got a long wait ahead of us, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

Featured Image Credit: BioWare

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