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New Legacy Of Kain game finally being teased

New Legacy Of Kain game finally being teased

Some fans believe that a new Legacy of Kain game is finally being teased by Crystal Dynamics.

Some fans believe that a new Legacy of Kain game is finally being teased by Crystal Dynamics.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new game in the vampiric action adventure, Legacy of Kain series. First released for the original PlayStation in 1996, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain became somewhat of an underdog cult classic.

Yet, it wasn't until 1999 that the series would arguably hit its peak, once again for the OG PlayStation with the release of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Eidos Interactive, the game takes place in the demonic world of Nosgoth.

In this sequel, you play as Raziel and without giving too much away, Kain, the protagonist of Blood Omen is not only thirsty for blood but also thirsty for power and in doing so, betrays Raziel and condemns him to damnation. Raziel is resurrected when centuries have passed by an ancient entity known as The Elder God and grants our anti-hero an opportunity for sweet revenge.

Sadly, it’s been 20 years since the last release in the series (not taking into account cancelled projects) with Legacy of Kain: Defiance in 2003/04 for PC, PS2 and the original Xbox. So you can understand why fans are thirsty for the series to rise from the dead.

Back in October 2022, the hope of a Legacy of Kain revival was renewed when Crystal Dynamics sent out surveys to fans asking some very interesting questions about the series. Some of those questions included whether we’d like to see a sequel or remake, and if so, what genre we’d prefer.

Then a month later, Crystal Dynamics teased the masses by saying that it heard the pleas of over 100,000 survey responses wanting to see the Legacy of Kain series make a comeback. However, since that time, it’s been a little quiet on the news front, that was until now.

As reported by GameSpot, rumours are making the rounds that Crystal Dynamics is preparing to hold a secret playtest for an upcoming game. While some have speculated that it could be the new Tomb Raider, others believe that it could be for Legacy of Kain.

What’s more, Crystal Dynamics confirmed to PCGamesN that a closed playtest will be taking place next month. “I can confirm that the invitation is genuine and from us,” a CD' representative told PCGamesN, “but can't give any information about what they'll be testing.”

The playtest has also been confirmed to be remote and will take place between 3 May to 12 May for PC and Mac. Testers will then relay information to the developers via Microsoft Teams.

Unfortunately, details on the game remain a secret and the test is only accessible on an invite-only basis. That being said, with the internet being the internet, don’t be surprised if some sneaky testers break an NDA agreement and leaks miraculously appear across social media.

Featured Image Credit: Crystal Dynamics

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