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New Call Of Duty officially unveiled, is a major departure

New Call Of Duty officially unveiled, is a major departure

Activision has officially revealed Call of Duty: The Board Game, which is releasing in 2024.

Folks, a new Call of Duty game is upon us, although it’s probably not the title that any of us had in mind.

Activision is partnering with Arcane Wonders, Genuine Entertainment, and Evolution to produce Call of Duty: The Board Game. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the sound of 99% of people clicking away from this article upon reading that. In all seriousness though, it actually sounds really cool, and it’s interesting to imagine how they’re going to adapt such a fast-paced FPS into a jolly tabletop time.

Take a look at the trailer for Call of Duty: The Board Game right here.

According to a press release, players will step into the shoes of elite Operators and battle it out with unique skills and signature weapons. The game will boast a selection of “iconic maps”, a number of modes and team-based objectives, an “intuitive action system”, and will combine strategy with fast-paced gameplay.

Even if board games aren’t really your thing, it sounds like Call of Duty fans will probably want to get in on this for the collection aspect alone - Call of Duty: The Board Game will boast “high-quality components”, including miniatures of the various weapons and soldiers from the franchise.

“We're thrilled to be partnering with Activision to bring the Call of Duty franchise to the tabletop,” Bryan Pope, lead designer of Call of Duty: The Board Game and CEO of Arcane Wonders said. “As life-long CoD fans, we've worked hard to capture the scope, stakes, and sheer intensity of the video games in ways that CoD fans and board gamers new and old will love. We're looking forward to bringing the unforgettable fun and competitive frenzy of CoD to game night for years to come.”

Preorders are currently expected to go live on Kickstarter this autumn, ahead of the game’s full worldwide release sometime in 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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