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Horny Modern Warfare 2 fans can't get over this 'well-endowed' operator skin

Horny Modern Warfare 2 fans can't get over this 'well-endowed' operator skin

Horny Modern Warfare 2 fans got more than what they bargained for with the 'well-endowed' Operator skin.

Horny Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II fans can’t get over this ‘well-endowed’ Operator skin. Talk about dropping a care package.

The Operator skin in question is the Red Fox bundle and you’d think that the Foxy ears, the nifty weapon skins and the cute fox charm would be the talk of the town. Well, they're not. Everyone is talking about Hutch’s package, so to speak.

Ok, firstly, let’s talk about what’s included in the Red Fox bundle because surely everyone wants to know what digital goodies are included in its content, right? As reported by GGRecon, the Red Fox bundle includes the Foxy skin, Vulpes (TAQ-V) and Hungry Fox (Signal 50) weapon skins, Captain Kit Kit Charm, No Fox Given loading screen and the Feeding Fox emblem.

However, when Modern Warfare II fans got an eye full of the Operator 'Hutch' in his Foxy skin, let’s just say that fans got more than what they bargained for. If anyone claims that this DLC isn't bulging with content, they’re lying. Call of Duty fan account CharlieIntel shared an image of Hutch in the Foxy skin and let’s just say that the responses have been quite fruity, to say the least. Just be warned, however, when exploring the comments section, you may see one or two cursed images that you can’t unsee.

Looking at this Operator skin, it’s a shame that Call of Duty already has Endowment DLC packs, because this Red Fox bundle would give it a whole new meaning. Just in case you wanted to buy the Red Fox bundle for cosmetic purposes (obviously), it will set you back 2,400 COD points or £16.79/$19.99 in real-world money.

In related Call of Duty news, cheat makers had to pay Activision a court settlement of $3 million for illegally selling software that allowed players to bypass the game's anti-cheat mechanisms. What’s more, a sequel to Modern Warfare II is set to release this year and it apparently will not be developed by Infinity Ward.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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