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New 'Atomic Heart' Trailer Goes Way Harder Than It Needed To

New 'Atomic Heart' Trailer Goes Way Harder Than It Needed To

The spaghetti monster is only one of the terrifying creatures in the facility.

The latest combat trailer for Atomic Heart is bombastically bizarre. All of the trailers for this immersive sci-fi shooter have been odd in their own ways but this one scratches our brain in the best way.

Atomic Heart is like someone dropped BioShock, Metro and Prey into a blender and set it to a supersonic speed and it's jittered off the counter and the fall's caused the lid pop off and now there's sci-fi goo everywhere. The story is set in an alternate Soviet Union where the country reached incredible heights in its scientific and technological advancements. KGB agent P-3 is tasked with the investigation of one research facility that has gone dark, and, as evidenced, the answer isn’t as simple as it seems.

With no more ado, take a look at the latest trailer here:

The whole thing is bookended by the strange slow dance with the narwhal robots who create some sort of a key from their bodies. Not hugely sure what's going on there and not hugely sure I'm keen to find the answer. Aside from the assault on my eyeballs, I'm very into the variety of enemies that Atomic Heart has on offer, from horrendous spaghetti-like monsters, to acrobatically aggressive robots, to a fusion of the two in a giant wrecking ball robot named Rosa.

And that part where the gunshots and melee strikes started to blend into the song? Give that editor a raise. Expeditiously. With the game now coming to PC as well as new and last-generation consoles, this is certainly one to wishlist for the end of this year.

Featured Image Credit: Mundfish

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