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Netflix's new password rules limits viewing while abroad

Netflix's new password rules limits viewing while abroad

Netflix's new password-sharing rules means you'll have limited access while abroad, even if it's your own account.

After months of threatening to crack down on password sharing, Netflix have only gone and finally done it. It’s a move that’s gone down well with, well, precisely no one. If you ask me, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to share an account with your family, even if you’re miles apart but shockingly, Netflix didn’t ask me.

If this is the first you’re hearing of the change, allow me to explain it to you. Account sharing is still possible but the account will now have a primary location that’s set to be wherever the primary account holder connects to the Wi-Fi. If you share that person's account, you’ll be expected to watch a film or TV show at that specific Wi-Fi location at least once every 31 days, which could prove to be an issue for many people.

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If you attempt to use the account and you’re not connected to the primary location, you’ll need to obtain a temporary access code from the primary account holder which will grant you seven days access. Let’s say you share an account with your parents though. Perhaps you’ve moved cities for work or you’re a university student living in your accommodation. Chances are, you may not be going home every 31 days to check in to your primary Wi-Fi so in theory, you’ll need your own account.

It’s now also been discovered that the changes will limit how much you can watch when you’re abroad. If you’re on a weekend break, you probably won’t find time to stream Netflix but if you’re on a lengthy solo business trip, you may find yourself wanting some entertainment. The same temporary code rule will apply. Even if it’s your own Netflix account you’re using, you’ll need a temporary code that will allow you access for seven days if you’re away from your primary Wi-Fi for a long time.

You can easily see why some people are less than impressed - particularly given the fact that Netflix can be rather pricey.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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