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Netflix users canceling over 'complicated' new password sharing rule

Netflix users canceling over 'complicated' new password sharing rule

This is going to involve a lot of legwork.

Netflix's rule is law: soon you'll no longer be permitted to share an account with your mum/brother//best friend/amicable or absent-minded ex (delete as applicable) to watch all of your favourite shows. However, it has offered an alternative.

Account sharing is possible, still, so don't fret about being spoiled on the second season of Netflix's Wednesday. It estimates there are over 100 million people who will be impacted by this change, but it's not interested in losing their patronage. The streaming service will now ask you to pay to share an account with the aforementioned relative, confidant or situationship. After that, you're free to watch whenever and wherever you like - up until a point.

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Per The Streamable, the report states that those sharing an account must connect to the Wi-Fi at the account holder's primary location, open the Netflix app or website, and watch a film or show at least once every 31 days. If you sign into the account outside of the primary location, you will be blocked from Netflix. But, if you want to watch Alice in Borderland while on the bus, for example, you are able to request for a temporary code which will allow access to the account for seven consecutive days.

This isn't that convenient for people who want to share an account but live in a totally different area code to the primary person. And what if you're watching something else on Disney+ or Amazon Prime and don't notice a month slip by?

"[Netflix] seems to have forgotten that college students exist. Not exactly a demographic that’s [known] for having tons of disposable income, or for visiting home every month," said one. "Guess I will be cancelling my account then because I pay for some streaming platforms just so I can share them with my 70+ and 80+ yr old pensioner parents so they can watch for free when living costs are increasing and many retirees are becoming homeless. Nice move [Netflix]," announced another. It sounds like this is backfiring, but the writing will be on the wall when Netflix releases its quarterly reports later on in the year.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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