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Netflix's New Most Watched Film Is A Video Game Adaptation

Netflix's New Most Watched Film Is A Video Game Adaptation

Fortune favours the multi-million dollar movie.

It turns out that Netflix's most watched movie at the moment isn't Purple Hearts, The Gray Man, Persuasion or Spiderhead. It's none of the recently released originals that it made for its own streaming service, which is slightly unseemly. Here's a hint: fortune favours the multi-million dollar movie delayed by two years due to the pandemic.

Fair enough, that's not a fabulous clue as that could pertain to countless movies. Uncharted dropped onto Netflix just a few days ago and has since skyrocketed to the top of the streaming service's charts. Thinking about it, Uncharted's continued success is unsurprising given its sheer level of star power and it nearly quadrupled its budget at the box office.

We got the chance to chat to Sophia Ali and Tati Gabrielle - who play Chloe Frazer and Jo Braddock - about their experience taking the story to the silver screen. Check it out here!

However, while its profits were eyebrow-raising, its script raised those eyebrows off into the stratosphere. "This soulless action-adventure flick feels like a dusty double-photocopy of Harrison Ford's blockbuster franchise," said one reviewer. I've actually had to go and get a coat now because that was icy. The cool reception hasn't swayed Sony, fortunately or unfortunately, as sequels are confirmed to be in consideration. Perhaps this time round, Tom Holland won't be too preoccupied with his appearance now he's settled into the character of Nathan Drake.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix, via UnSplash

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