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Netflix's The Witcher ending in a couple more seasons, says insider

Netflix's The Witcher ending in a couple more seasons, says insider

Currently, only the fourth season has gotten an official order from Netflix.

Netflix's The Witcher has had a time of it, and that's not even half the story.

The divergences from the original material in the second season of the show, like the monolith, Yennefer's missing magic and her betrayal, and Triss and Ciri's travels together, were not well received on the whole. It's been theorised that these changes caused Henry Cavill, who is a famed Witcher superfan, to ditch the series however the showrunner has clarified that we don't have the bigger picture yet. Netflix was inundated with demands to hire Cavill once more in the The Witcher, following the news that he would not be reprising his role as Superman, but Liam Hemsworth has already been cast as Geralt in season four and potentially season five.

Here's what Hemsworth might look like as the legendary monster slayer, thanks to artificial intelligence:

Redanian Intelligence, a fansite that has its eyes in the sky for anything minorly and majorly Witcher related, has said that season four and season five are in the works according to its sources. Season four will be in development for the majority of 2023, delays notwithstanding, so we won't be seeing it in its final form for some time. Season five will be written at the same time, which is what might suggest that Netflix is wrapping up the series.

Formally speaking, Netflix has only officially ordered season four of The Witcher. It's possible that the streaming service adjusts its trajectory for the series on the reception of the third and fourth seasons as it does have an itchy cancel finger for even the most popular of its shows. Best to hold our horses for now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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