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Netflix cancels another beloved show after just one season

Netflix cancels another beloved show after just one season

The showrunner has promised we'll get our answers to that cliffhanger.

Netflix has now cancelled one of its most highly rated horror shows because it did not see the same level of success as contenders like The Watcher, Dahmer, Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities and more.

This scoop comes from The Wrap who corroborates that The Midnight Club ruled the roost on the streaming service's top 10 for three weeks following its release in early October, which simply isn't enough to warrant a renewal, sadly. Inspired by Christopher Pike's 1994 novel of the same name, the show centres on eight terminally ill young adults who meet up to tell each other scary stories. However, after one of the patients in their hospice passes away, sinister events start to happen there and it transpires that the Brightcliffe Home hospice might not be what it seems.

Feeling brave? Check out the trailer below:

Of course, if you know your guts from your gore, the fact that Mike Flanagan was The Midnight Club's showrunner, lead writer and executive producer shows that this horror does not pull any punches. Even though Flanagan isn't a fan of jumpscares, the show set a world record for the highest number of them, and the story itself was praised for its character development and themes of fear about this world and the one beyond.

To those who want answers to the show's cliffhanger, the showrunner has ensured that fans will be satisfied, even if this ending isn't what anyone expected. “I promised everybody at Comic-Con yesterday that I’d put up all the all the answers to the central mysteries on Twitter, which I will honor,” he said in a separate interview. “But yeah, the show was designed to carry forward and we made the decision in the writers room not to reveal two of our kind of bigger existential secrets of the show so that we’d have something to say in the second season.”

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