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MrBeast makes double the money of any other content creator, apparently

MrBeast makes double the money of any other content creator, apparently

Dollar, dollar bills, y'all

A report from Forbes has shed light on just how staggering MrBeast's income is, stating that he makes double the income of any other digital creator.

Love him or hate him, MrBeast, real name, Jimmy Donaldson, has spent years carving out a niche on YouTube. Whether it's his early gaming videos or his more recent ludicrous challenges, he has always been noted as YouTube royalty. We all knew he was wealthy, but this news shows just how big the gulf is between him and other creators on the platform.

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MrBeast has the most subscribers on YouTube, currently sitting at 186 million subscribers. Most recently he is known for his philanthropic acts, using his money to improve the lives of others. While these recent ventures have proved popular, MrBeast has come under fire for his insistence to record and publicise his charitable acts online.

When making double the money of any other creator, it's hardly a surprise that he sets competition prize winnings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, or seeks to give away portions of his income wherever he can. Over the past year, he is reported to have brought in an estimated $82 million.

The Forbes report, part of their 'Top Creators 2023' - which also sees KSI, Charli D'Amelio, Matt Rife and Khaby Lame included - states that MrBeast is "truly entrepreneurial" at monetising his fame. He really is. When you look across his investments and the sheer number of advertising dollars that come from his channel, MrBeast has certainly learned how to take advantage of his position.

It's worth noting that MrBeast will soon be joining as a member of the Forbes board "when a planned sale of the company is completed". It's an odd irony that the richest man on YouTube will soon sit on the board of an outlet that analyses the richest people in the world. That must be the top of the pile, right?

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast via YouTube

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