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'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' Third-Person Gameplay Looks Amazing

'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' Third-Person Gameplay Looks Amazing

Modern Warfare II's beta period allowed players to try out the new third-person view option, and it looks so good.

How’re we all feeling about Modern Warfare II then? This weekend, assuming they weren’t too busy looking at those GTA VI leaks, PlayStation users had the chance to get their hands on the game via the open beta. Although those who pre-ordered the game could get into the action slightly sooner on 16 September, anyone with a PlayStation could get involved on Sunday (18 September).

Excitingly, the beta period allowed us to take a good look at the game's third-person mode in action. Call of Duty is, of course, a FPS first and foremost, and so third-person hasn’t exactly been a mainstay in the series’ previous titles. However, thanks to some swanky new field-of-view options, anyone now has the choice to stare at the back of their character’s head, if they so desire. 

Check out some brand new third-person gameplay footage right here.

As you can see, you can adjust the “3rd person field of view” slider to alter what this new perspective looks like. The beta also included a dedicated third-person playlist featuring a number of different game modes so that players could experiment fully and get a feel for it. 

If you missed out, don’t worry - between 22 and 23 September, anyone who’s preordered on Xbox, or Steam will be able to try it out (alongside all PlayStation users), and between 24 and 26 September, it’ll be open to everyone.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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