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'Modern Warfare 2' Teaser Seemingly Shows Return Of Two Classic Game Modes

'Modern Warfare 2' Teaser Seemingly Shows Return Of Two Classic Game Modes

Ahead of the Call of Duty Next event, fans have spotted some exciting details hidden within a new teaser video.

In case you were unaware, in just a few days’ time, on 15 September, an “era-defining franchise event” dubbed Call of Duty Next will be taking place. Presented by Infinity Ward, the event promises live gameplay, details of “innovations,” and coverage of a number of upcoming CoD titles. 

Take a look at some Modern Warfare II gameplay footage right here.

Not only will we get some details on the upcoming Warzone sequel, as well as Project Aurora (AKA Warzone Mobile), fans are set to see the full multiplayer reveal of Modern Warfare II. Well, in a tiny teaser video posted to Twitter to advertise the event, it seems we might have gotten some information slightly early.

As reported by Charlie INTEL (and highlighted by prominent CoD leaker @TheGhostOfHope on Twitter), eagle-eyed fans may have spotted that within the video, two game mode icons can be seen - Domination and Capture The Flag. Charlie INTEL writes that a couple of months ago, these same icons were seemingly leaked via the Warzone Mobile game files, so things appear to be lining up.

Regardless, we don’t have too long to wait to find out whether these modes are actually being included, or just happened to be used as a bit of filler in the background of the teaser - both the early access and open beta periods will also be kicking off on PlayStation at the end of the week, so be sure to get in on that if you’re interested.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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