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Modern Warfare 2 players have suddenly decided that they prefer Vanguard

Modern Warfare 2 players have suddenly decided that they prefer Vanguard

Some Call of Duty players have taken to social media to announce that they actually prefer Vanguard over Modern Warfare 2.

I’m pretty confident in saying that I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Call of Duty: Vanguard was considered to have somewhat of an abysmal launch. The World War II setting didn’t particularly land well with players, in stark contrast to Modern Warfare II which has officially had the most successful CoD launch of all-time. Why then are players deciding that they suddenly prefer Vanguard?

Modern Warfare II is widely considered to be a return to form for the franchise. Fans have heaped praise on the “incredible” campaign and the addition of a very handy anti-camping tool, plus the game is soon set to receive the highly-anticipated Ranked Play mode. In fact, Modern Warfare II dethroned Elden Ring as the year’s best-selling game. Despite all that, some fans are now admitting that they took Vanguard “for granted”.

Take a look at Modern Warfare II’s take on the iconic ‘All Ghillied Up’ mission below.

As reported by GGRecon, fans gathered on Twitter to share their fondness for Vanguard - which is a sentence I really didn’t anticipate typing today, or ever. User LewTeeCoD wrote: “We really did take Vanguard for granted,” and you might think he’d be alone in holding that sentiment but oh no, that’s not the case at all.

“Honestly, Vanguard was the best CoD game from the last three-four years,” wrote LoftyPlayslt, while davy_gallacher added, “So much better than Modern Warfare II.” ItsDevTee said: “How do people have the gall to call Vanguard ‘worst CoD ever’? It did get old kinda quick, but it was a great game. Great movement. Maps looked really good, wasn’t a bad game.”

You won’t be surprised to know that there are also plenty of people who don’t agree. Gunnzzyy wrote, “You’ve had too much eggnog today, take it easy,” and I did get a good chuckle out of that. At the end of the day, everyone’s going to have their favourite and for some, that’s Vanguard.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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