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'Modern Warfare 2' Beta Hides Easter Egg For Iconic Call Of Duty Location

'Modern Warfare 2' Beta Hides Easter Egg For Iconic Call Of Duty Location

It's uncanny.

Spotted by eagle-eyed players, Modern Warfare II's beta is hiding an Easter egg for one of the most iconic locations in Call Of Duty history in its Farm 18 map.

The first week of the beta, only for PlayStation, concluded on 20 September. The second week goes live today allowing PC and Xbox early access players to try out the multiplayer modes as well as the PlayStation players, before the rest of the PC and Xbox players get to dip their toes in. Got all that down? Blooming exhausting. When you do get a chance to play the beta, see if you can find something familiar in the Farm 18 map.

Check out third-person perspective gameplay from the Modern Warfare II beta here:

It turns out that, while stepping through this building, it is more or less an identical replica of Pavlov's House from the original Call Of Duty. Take a look at the comparison:

The accuracy of the layout is causing players to reminisce on the glory days of Call Of Duty and hoping that more maps are given a lick of paint and brought back to the modern multiplayer line-up. "I knew something felt familiar in this building! Played hours on this map back in the TWL days," said one. "CoD 1 was so good. I would love to see people from this subreddit trying to get through a match of Harbor rifles only," challenged another. Of course, the beta is only a slice of what Modern Warfare II is offering, so there's nothing to say that there aren't other older maps waiting in the wings.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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