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Modern Warfare 2 can run at 120fps on PlayStation 5

Modern Warfare 2 can run at 120fps on PlayStation 5

The campaign is getting heaps upon heaps of praise from fans.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II is playable at 120 frames per second on the PlayStation 5, and when the campaign is currently rated this highly, you'll want to ensure you make the most of every pixel of Infinity Ward's work.

You are actually able to play the campaign early, as long as you have pre-ordered the digital version of the game on your preferred platform. There's even a collection of enviable extras that unlock once you've completed the campaign, so there's a very good reason to dive in as soon as you can.

Some are saying that the single-player story side of the game is "twice as good as Modern Warfare 2019," so check out the trailer for Modern Warfare II below!

Infinity Ward itself has described it as the most ambitious game that it's ever developed, and with four more days until the multiplayer goes live, I imagine the majority of fans will savour their time with the story before all hell breaks loose.

First things first, this feature is dependent on whether or not you've got a telly that supports an output of 120 Hz. If you don't know this off the top of your head, you'll be able to work it out if you search the model and its specification.

Now, open the Settings on the PlayStation 5, then select Screen and Video. Scroll to Video Output, then select "120 Hz Output." Swap to "Automatic" and there you have it. A silky smooth gameplay experience of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II at 120 frames per second.

Featured Image Credit: Activision, Reet Talreja via Unsplash

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