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'Minions: The Rise Of Gru' Screenings Cancelled Due To "Stunningly Bad Behaviour"

'Minions: The Rise Of Gru' Screenings Cancelled Due To "Stunningly Bad Behaviour"

Gru up

A small local cinema here in the UK has been forced to cancel all screenings of Minions: The Rise Of Gru following "stunningly bad behaviour" by large groups of cinemagoers.

As reported by the BBC, Guernsey's only cinema has stopped showing the recently released Despicable Me prequel thanks to a TikTok trend that some have started to take too far.

Take a look at the bizarre new trend below:

As you may have heard, the "Gentleminion" trend involves groups of teenagers putting on their best suits and going to to screenings of The Rise Of Gru. Ridiculous? Yes, but also pretty funny, in its own dumb way.

Unfortunately, some groups of suited teenagers have also decided the trend should extend to disrupting screenings by shouting at in the cinema and even throwing bananas at the screen. To be very clear: if you do this, you are a genuine See You Next Tuesday.

Mallard Cinema manager Daniel Phillips-Smith explained that teenagers were "throwing things, swearing", arguing with other cinemagoers and even vandalising the cinema.

He added that there's been a massive financial impact as a result of the refunds the cinema has had to give out since cancelling the screenings.

"It's been absolutely heart-breaking," the manager said. "We've had families who won't even go back into the screen when we've tried to sort it out, families leaving before the film has even started and of course the children have been in tears."

While Mallard Cinema hopes it will be able to put The Rise Of Gru back on for audiences with extra measures in place, Phillips Smith admitted that as of right now, "the sheer numbers and behaviour aren't manageable".

Featured Image Credit: Illumination/TikTok

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