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Minecraft just got a massive free download you can grab now

Minecraft just got a massive free download you can grab now

It's time to go back to the mines

Whenever Mojang drops a big Minecraft update, I know I’m going back. I’ve got thousands of hours in that game and all they need is a new mob and i’m in.

The Tricky Trials update has brought so much more than just a new mob and it’s out now for every Minecraft fan to play.

Minecraft is often being updated to feature all-new blocks and machines

Where to begin? This is update 1.21 for Minecraft and, as with all other updates, it has a name - Tricky Trials.

This is primarily because of the new Trial Chambers, procedurally generated underground structures filled with traps and enemies. Survive these and you’ll be rewarded.

You can, if you want, create your own trials and challenge your friends and family to get through them, but if the trials aren’t your thing, how about some new mobs?

There’s a new enemy mob in the form of a small whirlwind that scurries about the place. It’s called the Breeze and it’s basically the long lost cousin of the Blaze, except it’s exchanged fire for wind.

There’s also the Bogged, a new skeleton who fire poison arrows at you - because skeletons weren’t already annoying enough - and they live in swamps and mangrove biomes.

For something a little more friendly, you can seek out the armadillo who is impossibly cute, too.

There’s something for everyone in this update and many fans are excited to finally get their hands on the Crafter, a redstone-powered, automated crafting table. Finally something we would have seen in mods for years has come over to vanilla Minecraft. Expect lots of automated machinery and big projects to start popping up online.

Lastly, there’s a new weapon. The mace. Which is brutal and nasty, doing extra damage on falling smashes.

I’m already booting up Minecraft as I write this so I can see what kinds of mischief I can get up to on my realm. Good job Mojang.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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