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Metro Exodus sequel is well into development, says insider

Metro Exodus sequel is well into development, says insider

Do the locomotion.

The sequel to Metro Exodus is seemingly in full swing and we've even had a hint about how the game is going to kick off Artyom's odyssey once again.

Us lot at GAMINGbible had a ball in our excursions in Metro Exodus in spite of its inventive open world turn for the series. "Guns still crackle and spit with uncertainty, like their barrels could split at any second. Fear pervades every scene, even when nature has blossomed and the world around Artyom has found its colour again, the winter bite of 2033 and Last Light chased away by south-eastern momentum," we said ahead of its launch in 2019.

It also got an enhanced edition for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, bringing ray-traced lighting, speedier loading times, 4K textures, spatial audio, controller latency features on Xbox as well as support for haptic feedback on the DualSense. This is free for those who already have the game, so if it's been buried at the bottom of your library for some time, it's worth upgrading it and giving it a go if you're a fan of apocalyptic fiction.

Check out the trailer for the PS5 version of the game below:

If you look back on your pulse-pounding fights with mutated beasts and cutthroat bandits in the middle of an irradiated Russia with fondness, then we have some potential uplifting news for you. Insider Gaming asserts that the next game in the series is "fully playable" now and that the start of the game features a dream sequence.

This sounds like it might be revisiting the Dark Ones of 2033 and Last Light. Exodus featured a few of these creatures, however, they didn't influence the story to the same degree. Dark Ones are able to psychically communicate with humans and are aiming for peace in this transformed world, however, those aforementioned abilities trigger mental breakdowns in the people they want to save.

Developer 4A Games announced it was working on the sequel several years ago and maintained that fan feedback is just as important as its own ambitions to make bigger and better games than before. At the moment, this is an unconfirmed report about the status of the next Metro game but Insider Gaming suggests a release window of 2024. Fingers crossed.

Featured Image Credit: Deep Silver

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