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Mass Effect 5 update quietly teased, but you aren't gonna love this one

Mass Effect 5 update quietly teased, but you aren't gonna love this one

Patience is going to be required here

It’s a well known fact that Mass Effect 5 is on the way, although officially it’s just ‘the next Mass Effect’ project.

Clearly though, BioWare is taking its sweet, sweet time. That’s, in a way, what we want. No one wants to play a rushed release.

Even with that in mind though, it doesn’t make the wait for Mass Effect 5 any more bearable.

Development should hopefully ramp up after the launch of Dragon Age: The Veilguard later this year.

Since its initial reveal, very little has actually been confirmed about Mass Effect 5 but we know that it’ll follow on from Mass Effect 3 more so than Andromeda and will mark the return of Liara T’Soni.

The game will also see the Geth and Krogan return, according to various pieces of official art, and will be a single-player launch that follows the main trilogy’s more hub-world/linear format over Andromeda’s open world approach.

It’s likely we won’t get another major tease until this year’s N7 Day on 7 November.

In the meantime though, one insider may have dropped a tidbit that I’m sorry to say is going to prompt a little groan from just about every single fan.

ICYMI: Take a look at Mass Effect 5’s original teaser trailer below.

YouTuber Mark Darrah recently uploaded a video explaining why AAA launches take so long to create, using BioWare’s Dragon Age: The Veilguard as an example.

Darrah touches on the fact that despite being announced in 2019, it was around four years before The Veilguard received a full reveal.

This is likely because BioWare was busy finishing up Anthem, which launched in February of 2019, before they could properly begin work on DA: The Veilguard.

The Veilguard likely had a skeleton team on it before that point but it’s well known within the industry that the biggest number of resources go to the release that’s next in line.

With that thinking in mind, we can gain a bit of insight as to what might be going on with Mass Effect 5.

With DA: The Veilguard only set to finally launch later this year, it stands to reason that Mass Effect 5 is in the early stages of pre-production with full development only set to begin following DA: The Veilguard’s release.

This means the game is likely several years away from launch, possibly even making it a next-gen game. I fear patience is going to be required here.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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