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The Legend Of Zelda free Unreal Engine 4 remake available to download now

The Legend Of Zelda free Unreal Engine 4 remake available to download now

A fan-made The Legend Of Zelda free Unreal Engine 4 remake is available to download now.

One The Legend of Zelda fan has been working on an incredible Unreal Engine 4 remake of the iconic NES game - and it’s available to download and enjoy now.

It’s been an incredible year for Zelda fans. I think it’s fair to say that Tears of the Kingdom both lived up to our expectations and exceeded them. It’s a surefire GOTY contender, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll nab the title. This year has been stacked. I cannot believe how many games stand a chance at winning the top accolade. There’s Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2 … I could go on. We have been spoiled. As incredible as Tears of the Kingdom is though, let’s flash back to where it all began.

Take a look at Tears of the Kingdom in action below.

The Legend of Zelda was released all the way back in 1987 on the NES - and now, YouTuber Lloyd Empty has finished crafting a stunning Unreal Engine 4 remake. I say ‘finished’, but the game is in its beta phase so is constantly being overhauled. That being said, you can finally download and enjoy the remake and it is a glorious blast from the past.

As reported by DSOGaming, the remake retains the game’s characterising features like the top-down viewpoint. Link and his enemies do benefit from new 3D models though. Take a look at the project in action below.

It’s already proved to be a hit with fellow fans. One YouTube viewer wrote, “I've always loved the original NES Zelda titles, so to see this feels really nice. I can tell how much work was put into this. It looks amazing,” while another added, “This is honestly a fantastic idea. Taking the idea of the first Zelda being this open ended ‘just go explore and figure it out on your own’ [game], and modernising that with some of the things introduced in later top-down Zelda titles, is a great idea for a remake! This looks awesome and I hope Nintendo does something like this one day.” Great work.

Featured Image Credit: Lloyd Empty via YouTube

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