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Leaked Gameplay From Original 2012 'Dead Island 2' Surfaces Online

Leaked Gameplay From Original 2012 'Dead Island 2' Surfaces Online

The leaked gameplay and concept trailer reveals what Yager Development's earlier version of Dead Island 2 looked like.

Dead Island 2 was finally re-revealed at last night’s Opening Night Live at Gamescom. Watch out The Callisto Protocol, because Dead Island 2 also claims to be the goriest game ever made. The title is set to release on 3 February 2023, which falls almost a decade after the game was announced back in 2014. Dead Island 2 has had a pretty rocky development journey, but a new leak has unveiled an earlier incarnation of the title.

Check out the reveal trailer for Dead Island 2 below.

Yager Development was hired to develop Dead Island 2 circa 2012, with the game announced to fans in 2014. They were then removed from the project in 2015 when Sumo Digital took over. Guess what? Sumo Digital were also removed and Dambuster joined the project in 2019 and thankfully, Dambuster’s version of the game is the one that we’ll soon be able to play.

What’s been kept largely under wraps is just how much the game has changed over the years, but new leaked footage shows what Yager Development’s 2012 version of Dead Island 2 looked like. The concept trailer features a small snippet of gameplay and was uncovered by Reddit user seatheowerouch.

It turns out, the game hasn’t changed all that much. 2023’s Dead Island 2 will be set in Los Angeles and the leaked trailer seems to prove that this was always the plan. The voiceover explains that California became the epicentre of the outbreak as it houses the Geo Pharm headquarters. The leaked trailer is also just as gory as the latest version, so Dead Island fans can rest easy knowing they’re not missing out on any scrapped plans.

Featured Image Credit: Deep Silver

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