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The Last Of Us just teased Ellie's dad for the first time

The Last Of Us just teased Ellie's dad for the first time

The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann has teased Ellie's dad for the first time.

Just before HBO’s The Last of Us drew to a close, my colleagues said to me, “Who are you going to be when this is over?” If it isn’t already obvious, I am a The Last of Us franchise stan and have written more about it in the last nine weeks than I ever thought possible. The good news for me is that The Last of Us content never ends. One door closes, and another one open.

In June, The Last of Us will celebrate its 10th anniversary - and Naughty Dog has already promised a year packed full with surprises. There’s the upcoming multiplayer title which is set to get a full reveal later this year plus, of course, HBO’s The Last of Us is returning for a second season so cast announcements and new set photos lie in our future. Fans are convinced that The Last of Us Part III is on the way, even if Naughty Dog won’t admit it, and this week we heard about the possibility of an Anna prequel (Ellie’s mum). See, I told you. The Last of Us content never ends which is why being a stan is a lifestyle and not a phase. Now, we’re hearing about Ellie’s dad for the first time too.

The Last of Us Part I finally lands on PC on 28 March. Check out the game in action below.

The Last of Us’ season finale may have marked the first time that we saw Anna brought to life but the character has been referenced before. Marlene talks about Anna in the American Dreams comic book series, plus Ellie has a letter from Anna in her backpack at the start of the ‘Lakeside Resort’ chapter of the first game. We’ve never heard about Ellie’s dad though - until now.

In an interview with Variety, franchise creator Neil Druckmann revealed that both the Left Behind DLC and the possible Anna prequel game we heard about earlier this week almost featured Ellie’s dad too. “There was some stuff written for the mom and dad when we were talking to this other game studio to potentially do a whole Anna game, the climax of which was this scene,” he began. “So I’m reluctant to say anything about it, because as I’ve now found out several times, stories that I think are failures and will never see the light of day, sometimes see the light of day.”

So by the sounds of things, flashbacks to Ellie’s dad could be explored in a future season, future game, or if an Anna prequel ever went ahead - whether that’s in a TV or gaming format. Consider my interest piqued.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, HBO

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