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HBO's The Last of Us: fans spot filming error in latest episode

HBO's The Last of Us: fans spot filming error in latest episode

We've all been there.

Eagle-eyed The Last of Us viewers seem to have spotted a massive mistake in the sixth episode, suggesting that Joel and Ellie's story is in fact part of a fictional show and they've got the option to warm their cold hands on a thermos at any time. Egad.

Let's not pretend like HBO is the first to have had a gaffe. There's the coffee cup on the table in Game of Thrones; the Stormtrooper dinging his head on the door in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope; the shape-shifting croissant in Pretty Woman.

Obviously, even with all the money in the world (and The Last of Us had an astonishing budget), humans still slip up on the smallest of elements when it comes to maintaining our immersion in the story. Though this one in 'Kin' is arguably a clanger.

Here's original Ellie actor Ashley Johnson in a motion-capture suit playing the character on the set of The Last of Us Part II:

Reaching the 'River of Death,' described by Marlon when Joel and Ellie encounter him and his wife while trying to journey to western Wyoming, the two cross the bridge in the snow with next to no issues. However, that beautiful blanket of white means that you can see a set of camera people in their dark coats, wrapped up snug as bugs in what is actually Canada.

'The illusion shattered, The Last of Us is now doomed to fail, fading from our memories as swiftly as it arrived,' is what I would say if the fans weren't impressed with themselves for spotting the team in the first instance. "I was busy explaining to my girlfriend that bridges are traditionally used as 'very super bad positions for ambushes' in a lot of media, and she cut me off and goes 'Who are those guys behind them?'" said Reddit user casuariuscasuarius.

Imaginably, this will be corrected in a re-release, however if you were one of the perspicacious people who did see them before us, then pat yourself on the back.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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