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The Last Of Us community can't agree if the horse in episode 6 was real or a prop

The Last Of Us community can't agree if the horse in episode 6 was real or a prop

The Last of Us fans are debating whether the horse featured in episode six's final scene is real or fake.

I don’t want to upset everyone, but HBO’s The Last of Us will soon be over. I know. It’s a devastating thought. We’ve got just three episodes left to go. Season two is definitely on the way and will adapt The Last of Us Part II, but it’s safe to assume that it’ll be a couple of years before that hits our screens.

Speaking of Part II, the latest episode ‘Kin’ spent a fair amount of time setting up the sequel. There’s the obvious fact that Jackson looks like it was lifted out of Part II’s prologue. When I spotted the Tipsy Bison sign in the Joel and Tommy bar scene I became the Leo pointing meme. Ellie was also introduced to her Part II horse Shimmer, plus fans are convinced that it was Dina lurking in the canteen. There’s one shot that’s got fans split though. Some viewers are convinced that the final scene’s horse was in fact a prop and not a real horse. Huh?

Excited for episode 7? Take a look at the trailer for ‘Left Behind’ below.

It’s all to do with the stillness of the horse. Reddit user snaab wrote, “Important: My wife insists that the horse in the final shot of episode six is a prop, continuing to argue that it is just too impossibly still. Back me up here guys. The horse is real.” It’s a debate that’s split viewers. IndominusTaco wrote, “The hind leg being lifted and staying up is kinda weird but if you look closely, you do see an ear twitch,” while lovemeatcurtain added, “I thought the same thing. It’s fake.”

I take my research very seriously, so I sent a poll to my GAMINGbible colleagues. It was a clean sweep. All participants agreed that the horse was real, but you don’t need to believe me. We have confirmation from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. I’m talking about the episode’s editor.

Editor Timothy Good took to Twitter to write, “So that is actually the real horse! We were concerned someone might feel the same so well spotted! But we didn’t want to change the horse’s performance for an arbitrary reason - [Callus] was sombre and any movement in the frame would have taken your eyes off our duo.” There, you have your answer.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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