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'Jackass Forever': Steve-O Explains Exactly Why Bam Margera Was Fired

'Jackass Forever': Steve-O Explains Exactly Why Bam Margera Was Fired

Hopefully he gets the help he needs

Steve-O has finally explained exactly why Bam Margera wasn’t in Jackass Forever, claiming that his friend and former co-star "just didn’t have the power to stay sober and be healthy".

Fans will remember that Margera was fired from the fourth Jackass movie last year after failing a drugs test, an incident Steve-O described as "the first time Bam ever had consequences".

You can take a look at our chat with Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville below!

Appearing on the Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson podcast, Steve-O had some frank and honest answers when asked about Margera’s substance abuse issues. However, he stressed that he still "loves" his former co-star.

“They [Jackass] f*****g loved him,” Steve-O started. “They cared about him. And it’s the same exact people who organised an intervention which saved my life.

"These people, they put their foot down, they said what’s happening has to f*****g stop and we’re going to do what we can to make it stop.”

He continued: “Bam had so many interventions, he was locked up in so many rehabs, and by the time we were making Jackass 4, they thought, maybe if we try this: ‘you can be in the movie if you get healthy and stay sober’. 

“It was the last f*****g thing that they had to try. And with the promise of millions of dollars and ‘you’re gonna be in a movie’, even still, he just didn’t have the power to stay sober and be healthy.”

Steve-O added that everyone would have "loved" for him to have been in the movie, acknowledging that it would have been "better for the movie". But his friend's health had to come first, of course.

When asked by Tyson whether Steve-O believed Margera had been playing the "victim card" to fans and media, Steve-O agreed.

“He has been. Absolutely," he said. "And I want Bam to acknowledge that. Everybody loves Bam and wants him to be happy and healthy and they put that in front of the movie.”

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