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'House Of The Dragon' Fans Shower Praise On Show's Most Underrated Character

'House Of The Dragon' Fans Shower Praise On Show's Most Underrated Character

House Of The Dragon fans don't have many nice things to say about Hand of the King Otto Hightower, and he has the perfect replacement.

We’re now three episodes into House of the Dragon, and it seems everyone is still as hyped about the show now as they were at the premiere. The series has already been renewed for a second season, too, so fans are going to be getting a whole load more content coming their way in the future. 

Check out the trailer for House of the Dragon right here.

Over on Reddit, a number of fans have been pouring out their love for one particular character, although it might not be the one you’d expect. Given last week’s drama over the thought of losing Milly Alcock when Rhaenyra gets aged up and replaced with Emma D’arcy, you might imagine that it’d be her, or one of the other younger characters, but no. It’s none other than Lord of Harrenhal, Lyonel Strong.

“Hands down this guy should be named the Hand of the King,” wrote EasterAegon. “What a fucking actual servant of the Crown. Hella [people] were making excuses for Otto like Machiavellian power plays were something people just did back then. Meanwhile Chad Strong over here showing us you can be loyal and smart and fairly successful at the same time, and that just because mad folks wanna play the game doesn't mean that they should,” agreed catagonia69. “Such a STRONG candidate. He deserves Strong castle where his line can live on for ever. Perhaps Harranhal…” commented DeadpoolAndFriends.

Maybe it’s just because no one really likes Otto Hightower that much, but you can’t deny that Lyonel would be a Strong choice for Hand of the King. Okay, sorry, that’s enough. 

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