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Horizon fans can't get over how small Aloy is

Horizon fans can't get over how small Aloy is

Horizon fans really can't get over how small Aloy is in Call of the Mountain.

Horizon fans can’t get over how small Aloy is in PSVR2 exclusive Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Last week, Sony’s PSVR2 graced us with its presence and one of the most talked about games was Horizon: Call of the Mountain. In this PSVR2 exclusive title, you play as a Shadow Carja outcast named Ryas. To atone for his crimes, Ryas must join an expedition to investigate a deadly new threat to the Sundom. What’s more, Ryas being described as “a master at climbing and archery”, must not only utilise his archery skills but also literally climb mountains to save the day and discover the truth behind the mysterious threat.

Along the way, you will meet many NPCs on your travels. However, one such NPC is the series hero Aloy. Now, it should go without saying that getting to meet Aloy from the perspective of another character should be an awesome moment.

However, rather than talking about that moment when we meet the Saviour of Meridian, we’re talking about how short she appears to be. According to the Horizon Fandom page, Aloy is 5ft 6” (1.68 metres), yet judging by the screenshots and videos on social media, she seems to be a lot shorter than that.

Is Aloy really that short or is it just a matter of perspective? Personally, I’d go with the latter. For example, my wife is 5ft or as she will say 5ft 0.5” (sorry Naomi), but in Call of the Mountain, Aloy doesn't even appear to be 5ft tall.

Regardless of how small Aloy appears to be, she’d still kick our ass, so don’t take the mickey. Horizon: Call of the Moutain is available now for PSVR2.

In related news, hands-down one of the best games of 2022 (come at me), Horizon Forbidden West was recently added to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers. So if you haven't played this gem already, then go and download it now. Unless you’re yet to play Horizon Zero Dawn, then go do that first.

Featured Image Credit: Guerrilla Games, Firesprite

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