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Hogwarts Legacy update 'lowered quality' of the game, fans insist

Hogwarts Legacy update 'lowered quality' of the game, fans insist

Hogwarts Legacy fans are saying that the game's latest patch has massively lowered the quality, with a number of glitches now appearing.

Hogwarts Legacy fans are reporting that a new update has seemingly lowered the quality of the game.

The Hogwarts Legacy franchise has fallen into relative dormancy. Despite the immense critical success of the game, we’re yet to hear any news about a potential sequel or expansion. That’s to be somewhat expected though. We’ve still got the Nintendo Switch launch to go in November. However, fans are growing concerned seeing as Avalanche is yet to show off any Switch gameplay footage - plus the game was totally absent from a recent Nintendo Direct focusing on upcoming releases. Hogwarts Legacy underwent simplifications to run on PS4/Xbox One, so you do have to wonder how the Switch will cope. While we await to see what happens, players have turned their attention towards the Xbox Series X version of the game.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

Reddit user Simple_Masterpiece73 wrote, “What happened to the Xbox Series X version of this game? Their update lowered the quality of the game. I played this game back in April and it was phenomenal. I didn't run across very many things wrong with the game. I decided to replay it yesterday and there are major bugs that have been added. Ghosting effect on performance mode, lip sync is off, rainbow sparkles in places [they] shouldn't be on the map, wand handle screen, broom screen, and even cutscenes, [plus] black pixels on the pause screen book, [and] light shining through windows flickering onto objects like it’s glitched.”

They continued, “They had it perfect when I played back in April and I didn't notice any of the things I stated above. [...] I read that it was from a June update. Are they just not going to fix it or address it? That should be embarrassing.” The user wasn’t alone in noticing the downgrade. “Finally someone else mentions this. I get downvoted a ton whenever I mention these issues,” TerminalChaos added.

Puzzled-Substance267 said, “They definitely broke a lot of visual stuff with the last patch and then left it. Post-release support for this game has been abysmal. That idiotic Switch port must be using up all their resources,” while whoshouldibetoday wrote, “Same experience here. Several parts of the game just look f**kin awful now.” Oh dear. Let’s hope a fresh patch is rolled out soon.

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