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Hogwarts Legacy trick lets you skip the game's most annoying part

Hogwarts Legacy trick lets you skip the game's most annoying part

Be sure to swap this setting back though.

Hogwarts Legacy has a lot to like and it has a lot to add to fulfil fans' dreams of the perfect Harry Potter open world game.

This isn't to say that it's a badly designed game. In fact, there are a fair few players saying that Hogwarts Legacy is a game of the year contender, and given that it's only February, that is lavish praise. They're also sacking off fast travel, preferring to make the most of their jaunts through Hogwarts' halls, though it is agreed that Merlin had too much time on his hands to create all of those trials. That being said, the game has been barraged with disapproval as a result of the association with author J. K. Rowling and accusations of antisemitism in the storyline.

Take a tour of the Hogwarts Legacy common rooms of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw below:

Easily, there is one part that is the most annoying to grapple with every single time it pops up, and these are the Alohomora lockpicking puzzles. When the spell is learned, it lets the player pick level one locks, with upgrades for level two and level three locks, once a given number of Demiguise Statues have been handed to caretaker Gladwin Moon. Isn't the point of the Alohomora spell that it instantly unlocks things without the necessity for a puzzle?

If you're facing puzzle fatigue, switch the game's difficulty setting down to Story mode, and the option to automatically complete Alohomora puzzles will appear. Another way to avoid repeating the same puzzle over and over is installing the Autohomora mod for PC players. Be sure to swap the setting back after the puzzle's been sorted, though, else you'll be cutting through enemies like a hot knife through butter. Unless you're into the power fantasy thing.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

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